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Concrete Address Blocks

Rubber Pricing

Setup Fee  -  $20.00
Plus $0.90 per square inch

Numbers priced separately
(See rubber numbers price list)

How to make a concrete address block with our rubber block kits.. Click on images to enlarge.

Step #1.   Apply thin layer of petroleum jelly
to your address block mold.  Then do the
same thing to rubber block and rubber
numbers and/or letters.

Step #2.  Place rubber address
block centered into the address
block mold.  Make sure there is a
sufficient amount of petroleum jelly on
the rubber block so that it adheres to
the mold and that no concrete can seep
between the rubber and the mold.

Step #3.  Place rubber numbers reversed
inside rubber rubber block.  Once again,
make sure there is sufficient petroleum jelly
on the numbers so that they adhere to the
rubber rubber block and that there are no
gaps to allow concrete to seep between
the numbers and the block

Step #4.  Fill a plastic spray bottle with
some clean water and about 20 drops of liquid
hand soap.  Then mix enough concrete to fill your
mold.  Concrete mix should slightly fluid so that
it flows over the rubber pieces.  Now just before
 you are ready to pour the concrete, spray a
generous amount of water directly over all the
rubber pieces.

Step #5.  Now gently pour your concrete mix
into a corner of the mold and do not move
the bucket from the corner until the mold is
completely full.  The sprayed water will rise
as the concrete flows and it will take any air
bubbles away from the rubber when it rises.
You should have a bubble free casting if you
follow these instructions.

Your result:  

A beautiful address block for any building
or mailbox.